Datex Systems offers a full and complete bespoke programming service. We have been writing software for companies since 1989. Datex has an outstanding record in Software Development, having written systems for small and large companies alike.

Over the years we have built up our experience in numerous different programming languages, and have expanded our development knowledge into new areas, such as the Internet. Currently we offer programming in Microsoft .Net, Java, Tas Pro V3, Tas Pro 6, Flash, HTML and Java Script.

Datex also has many years experience in database design and integration with third party software, such as accounting systems. Our Program Development service covers every aspect of how a system will operate.

System Specification
Each system is fully specified by our Development Team after meetings with you. We will hold several meetings with your representatives, so that we become fully conversant with how you operate, and how your system is to operate.

We produce an in depth System Specification which details the programs to be written, the length of time to write each program, and each programs place within the operation of the full system.

And we don't just leave it there - we plan ahead on your behalf, and if you approve our forward planning, you will get a system that will last for some considerable time; a system which takes into account the future expansion your company may undertake.

The specification must be agreed by the customer before any programs are written by our Development Team.

Programming And Testing
The specification is used as the basis for the programs which are written. During the course of development you will receive constant contact from our team so that we are able to check and include the correct and finest of detail.

The programs are exhaustively tested at Datex and regular progress is reported to you. At any stage of development you are able to request a demonstration of the current position of the project.

Each system can include complete user documentation, produced In-house by one of our Technical Authors. The documentation can be provided electronically and/or in printed form.

Whatever your bespoke programming requirements Datex Systems will be able to help.